Shared Ownership Explained

Shared ownership originated in the United States in the Rocky Mountains ski resorts in the early 1990’s. People realized that it made much more sense to buy into real estate together with several other people, thereby dividing the purchase price and the running cost of the property. Generally, people only use their holiday homes once or twice a year at most. Shared Ownership affords the opportunity to visit your own holiday home once or twice a year but at a fraction of the cost compared to being the sole owner.

Sharing the purchase price and the running costs of a vacation home makes it possible to own an ultra-luxurious property - something which might not otherwise be affordable.

Shared Ownership at Hunters Pride - Skakel oor na Afrikaans

Compared to timeshare which usually offers smaller and less luxurious accommodation, Shared Ownership not only offers extreme luxury, but also a share of the growth in the value of the property. The share can at any time be sold by simply signing over the share in the property without any lengthy conveyance and deeds office delays. It is a short cut to get one’s hands on the inbuilt profit as well as cash should the need arise.

Hunters Pride takes shared ownership a step further by providing for fixed and flexi weeks. Fixed weeks are the weeks that fall inside the major school holidays and remain your property forever. You don’t have to book these weeks as the date is set every year. Flexi weeks are weeks which must be booked in advance and generally fall outside of the major school holidays. Flexi weeks can be booked in advance from October in the current year, for the following year. An owner can also rent out his weeks or let friends or family make use of it, or make his/her own arrangements to exchange it for shared ownership anywhere in the world.

Our Shared Ownership scheme is unique in that it is the only scheme that affords the option to purchase a fixed week (yours to use for ever) or a flexible week.