Full Ownership at Hunters Pride

A unit can be bought outright by an individual or a company, either furnished or unfurnished. Outright buyers can purchase a completed unit or select a stand of their choice to be built upon according to one of our building plans. We also let out properties on the owner’s behalf (conditions apply).

A wide variety of plans are available varying from a 2 bedroom to a 4 bedroom. Plans can also be changed according to the owner's requirements which might incur additional costs.

Prices include VAT
Prices are provisional and will be amended April 2014

Prices can vary according changes required by the purchaser or additional cost due to the slope of the stand and the presence of hard rock.
Description Outright Purchase
30 January 2014
Outright Purchase
30 January 2014
2 Bedroom 280m² R2,977,965.00 R3,376,965.00
3 Bedroom 350m² R3,860,325.00 R4,293,575.00
4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 366m² R4,036,797.00 R4,504,197.00
4 Bedroom All En-suite 390m² R4,301,505.00 R4,768,905.00

The prices are also applicable in the case of foreign sales. The exchange rate ruling at the date of signature of the purchase agreement will apply. For all queries contact us at any time.

Full Ownership